Yellow Moon – Using Human Liquid Waste To Build A Lunar Habitat

Moon Habitat (ESA Image)

When it’s time to start building habitats on the Moon – for research, tourism and permanent dwellings – some good advice for the construction crews could be “drink plenty of beer.”


Well, according to, an international team of scientists working with the European Space Agency (ESA) looked into mixing urea, a component of urine, with Lunar regolith (or, simply, Moon dirt) to create a sort of Moon concrete.

The mixture can then be loaded into a 3D printer on the Moon, which squeezes out tubular layers of the concoction. The concrete is then baked at about 170°F (or around 80°C) to create “bricks.”

That’s right – astronaut pee plus the natural soil found on the Moon equals Lunar building blocks.

One photograph of the mixture is, quite frankly, disturbing:

Moon Building Material Image (Urea and Regolith)

Get your mind out of the gutter – or the toilet. Soon, that stuff could very well be the Lunar equivalent of gold bricks.

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