Welcome To The Moon!

Lunar Moon Rover (Photo)

We are Luna Society International, and we believe it’s time to stop talking about the Moon – it’s time for us to permanently return humans to the Moon.

Bay of Rainbows In ColorIt’s time that we, the people, go back to the Moon. It’s time that we establish sustainable bases on the Moon, and it’s time we begin developing the valuable resources on the Moon. And the time to do it is now!

We have the technology. We have the imagination and inspiration necessary to bring the project to life. We have the essential people power, and we have access to the needed funding.

Today – decades after humans inexplicably stopped going to the Moon – we hear talk about missions to Mars and other planets. But no voyage to any planet beyond Earth can start unless we return first to the Moon and prove that we can live, thrive and survive successfully for long periods of time in an environment that is dramatically different from Earth.

We’re not talking about decades from now: we’re talking about a matter of just a few years, a time in which travel to the Moon (for work or pleasure) will become as commonplace as taking a jet flight from Paris to Tokyo.


News From The Moon: