About Luna Society International

Membership in Luna Society International is open to individuals, organizations, and business entities around the world. As of January 2021, we have more than 45,000 active members in every country on every continent — except Antarctica!

Join Luna Society InternationalLuna Society International is exclusively authorized by the International Lunar Lands Authority (ILLA) to offer to the public a limited number of properties on the Moon in compliance with international treaties in order to finance a privatized exploration and development project. (ILLA oversees contracts and agreements which permit contractors to explore specified parts of the Moon outside national jurisdiction.)

Less than 4% of the Moon’s approximately nine-billion acres of land are being currently offered through the International Lunar Lands Authority via allocations to its member organizations. Luna Society International is allocated about 15% of the total ILLA allocation in each of twelve designated locations to crowdfund its worldwide partnership effort toward privatized exploration and development of the Moon. ILLA allocates the remaining 85% to qualified organizations that are required to commence operations on the Moon within ten years in order for the contract to become vested and permanent.

The Society’s program, known as the Kennedy II Lunar Exploration Project (K2LX), is the designated recipient of funding received through this program, which will culminate with the founding of an independent Lunar Republic based permanently on the Moon. The proceeds of any tourism, 

The first group of locations available to the public includes:

Upon joining the Luna Society at the individual level, members are assigned a claim to an acre of property in their chosen location, with funds going to the team working toward developing that region.

To join Luna Society International, please click here to select your preferred location.