About Luna Society International

Membership in Luna Society International is open to individuals, organizations, and business entities around the world. As of January 2022, we have more than 53,000 active members in nearly every country on every continent — except Antarctica.

Luna Society International is a global nonprofit organization committed to studying, exploring (whether in person or at a distance) and protecting Earth’s Moon and its resources through research, education and conservation projects and initiatives.

Join Luna Society InternationalLuna Society International and the International Lunar Lands Authority (ILLA) offer a limited number of properties on the Moon in full compliance with international treaties in order to encourage a privatized exploration and development. ILLA oversees agreements which permit independent non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to explore and develop specified parts of the Moon outside national jurisdiction; under treaties established by the United Nations and its member states, no nation or government may claim ownership of the Moon.

Less than 2% of the Moon’s approximately nine-billion acres of land are being currently offered through the International Lunar Lands Authority via allocations to the public. Luna Society International is currently allocated about 20% of the total ILLA allocation in each of twelve designated locations in its effort toward limited private ownership, exploration and development of the Moon.

The Society’s program, known as the Kennedy II Lunar Exploration Project (K2LX), includes the founding of an independent United Lunar Republic (ULR) based permanently on the Moon. The citizens of the United Lunar Republic will be responsible for creating and enforcing all laws, rules and regulations for governance of their designated territories.

The first group of regions that comprise the United Lunar Republic are:

Prospective owners may review the catalog of available properties by visiting OfficialMoon.com.

Flag of the United Lunar Republic (Image)
Flag of the United Lunar Republic

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