Join The Luna Society

Membership in Luna Society International is open to individuals, organizations, and business entities around the world. As of January 2019, we have more than 20,000 members in every country on every continent — except Antarctica!

Join Luna Society InternationalOne of the fun benefits of joining the Luna Society is the opportunity to claim your own acre of property on the Moon. We are crowdfunding a worldwide partnership effort toward privatized exploration and development of the Moon by offering an exclusive amount of properties (less than 4% of the Moon’s approximately nine-billion acres of land) as a membership incentive.

The first group of locations available to members includes:

Upon joining the Luna Society at the individual level, members are assigned a claim to an acre of property in their chosen location, with funds going to the team working toward developing that region.

For multiple-year memberships, individuals are assigned the corresponding amount of claims. (For example, a five-acre claim for a five-year membership.) While memberships in the organization can expire, the individual will retain the assigned land claim in perpetuity.

To join Luna Society International, please click here to select your preferred location.