LSI Pledges Financial Support For Return To Moon

Lunar Rover Panorama Photo

Luna Society International has pledged financial support, potentially hundreds of millions of dollars, toward a program to return humans to the Moon in the next decade.

Through memberships in the Luna Society, the organization intends to raise at least $100-million (USD), with a possibility of raising up to $3-billion, that it will contribute to a variety of private teams that are developing transport spacecraft capable of ferrying human visitors to the Moon and successfully returning them from either short, vacation-style visits or long-term work or research assignments.

Other teams are expected to design components or technologies that will help fabricate permanent structures on the Moon, including accommodations for long-term workers; hotels or dormitories for tourists; warehouses for food and supplies; infrastructure for delivering water, electricity and breathable air to inhabitants; manufacturing, research and medical facilities, as well as local transportation (ground and air) to move workers and visitors to various bases around Luna.

The Luna Society’s internal project team has targeted twelve primary regions on the Moon for initial development, although selection of the first site to be constructed has not been chosen.

The first group of locations selected are:

In joining the Luna Society at the individual level, members are assigned a claim to an acre of property in their chosen location, with funds going to the team working toward developing that region. For multiple-year memberships, individuals are assigned the corresponding amount of claims. (For example, a five-acre claim for a five-year membership.) While memberships in the organization can expire, the individual will retain the assigned land claim in perpetuity.

A corporate membership and sponsorship program has not been publicly announced, although Aeropackaging, a California-based manufacturer of aerospace-grade packaging films has been named as a sponsor and “Certified For Space” preferred vendor for project teams.

In early November, Luna Society International expects to announce a program through which its members can compete for one of 48 seats reserved for representatives of the organization on a future flight to the Moon. Four seats will be awarded on individual flights scheduled to the twelve designated development regions.

Want to join us on the Moon, or know someone who does? Please click here to choose your place on the Moon.

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