John Young (1930-2018)

John W Young (NASA Apollo X Portrait)
John W. Young
John Young (Space Shuttle Portrait)
Astronaut John W. Young

John Young, one of only twelve humans to have walked on the Moon, has died. A native of San Francisco, Calif., Astronaut Young was 87 years old.

He was the only astronaut to fly into space with three of NASA’s missions (Gemini, Apollo and the Space Shuttle) and was the first to fly into space six times — seven times, if you count his liftoff from the Moon during the Apollo 16 visit in April 1972.

Astronaut Young spent three “nights” on the Moon, along with Charlie Duke, and drove 16 miles in the Lunar Rover while there on the Apollo 16 mission. He had made one previous orbital journey around Luna, in May 1969, on the Apollo X mission with Tom Stafford and Gene Cernan, in what was considered a “dress rehearsal” for the subsequent Apollo 11 landing.

His first flight into space was as commander of the Gemini 10 mission in July 1966, during which he and pilot Mike Collins — who later served as Command Module Pilot of Apollo 11 — rendezvoused with two Agena target vehicles.

NASA has posted its tribute to Astronaut Young and his legacy on their website at:


John Young On The Moon (Apollo 16 Photo)
John Young On The Moon

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