Cyber Monday? No, Cyber #MOONday!

Christmas On The Moon
"Christmas On The Moon" by CharonA101

One of the biggest Cyber Monday deals this year is truly “out of this world”!

The Lunar Registry, in partnership with Luna Society International, is offering a 35% discount on Moon property gift packages for anyone using discount code MOONday at

Each deluxe Lunar property ownership package includes a personalized certificate, printed on elegant metallized stock, along with a satellite photograph of the property tract from the Lunar Orbiter series. Gift packages can be drop-shipped directly to the recipient; a customized gift message can be included at no additional charge.

Moon real estate packages can be shipped anywhere around the world. The discount code will remain in effect for purchases made through 31 December 2020. Express and Priority shipment is available at an additional charge.

To make your purchase, please visit The Lunar Registry’s website. Be sure to enter discount code MOONday in the “Discount Coupon” field when completing your purchase.

Crater Posidonius Map Section (Moon Property)


Featured art: “Christmas On The Moon 2029” by CharonA101.

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