China to Launch Robot Mission to Moon in December

China Moon Mission (Illustration)

China’s space agency this week shared new details about its upcoming Chang’e-4 mission, which aims to launch two robots to the far side of the Moon.

The new mission, named after the mythical moon goddess Chang’e, is the fourth in an ongoing lunar exploration program. China ultimately hopes its efforts will lead to a crewed lunar landing — the first since NASA’s Apollo program ended in 1972— and perhaps control and domination of property on the Moon.

Chinese officials said during a briefing on Wednesday that Chang’e-4 will rocket toward the moon in December. CCTV, a state-supervised media outlet, shared online video of the announcement.

The new mission “will be the first to realize a soft landing on and inspection of” the far side of the moon, an official said on Wednesday at China’s National Defense Science and Technology Bureau in Beijing.

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— Via Business Insider



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