Lunar Missions

Alan Bean (Photo)

Alan Bean (1932-2018)

NASA has announced that Alan Bean has died. He was 86 years old. Astronaut Bean was the fourth human to walk on the Moon, reaching the Lunar surface in November 1969, four months after the initial landing of Apollo XI….

John W Young (NASA Apollo X Portrait)

John Young (1930-2018)

John Young, one of only twelve humans to have walked on the Moon, has died. A native of San Francisco, Calif., Astronaut Young was 87 years old. He was the only astronaut to fly into space with three of NASA’s…

Gene Cernan - Aboard Apollo 17 LM (Photo)

Gene Cernan (1934-2017)

Gene Cernan, the last human (to date) to walk on the Moon, died on January 16. He was 82 years old. As a member of the Apollo 17 crew in December 1972 (along with Harrison Schmitt), Cernan became the last…