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“I Love You To The Moon And Back…”

The most-used sentiment expressed on gift cards accompanying Moon property packages is — not surprisingly — “I love you to the Moon and back,” a familiar and heart-warming line popularized in the classic children’s books, “Guess How Much I Love You”…

John Glenn (NASA Portrait, Circa 1962)

John Glenn (1921-2016)

8 Dec 2016 — John Glenn, the first United States astronaut to orbit Earth,  died today at the age of 95. Sen. Glenn made three orbits of Earth in his craft, Friendship 7, in 1962. He later served as a United…

NASA Moon Phase Sample (Photo)

A Handy Guide To Lunar Phases?

We regularly receive questions in regard to the best, or handiest, or easiest-to-understand guide to the Moon and its phases. We regularly point those inquiring to the NASA Scientific Visualization website, which contains a plethora of information, including animations of the…

Christmas On The Moon

Cyber Monday? No, Cyber #MOONday!

One of the biggest Cyber Monday deals this year is truly “out of this world”! The Lunar Registry, in partnership with Luna Society International, is offering a 35% discount on Moon property gift packages for anyone using discount code MOONday at…

Quote For Today

“We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” United States President John Fitzgerald Kennedy 12 September 1962